The concept of practice carries underlying values that denote and promote both integrity and proficiency in any specific field of engagement. Such values need to be enacted and observed as a guide to activities and relationships. For 2013 - 2017 strategic plan, TAMA hereby claims and states its practice values to be characterized by the following behaviours and action:

Core Values Enacted Values Statements
1 Commitment
Accountable through self initiative and voluntarism.
2 Transparency
Openness and accountability.
3 Participation
Shared leadership and decision making.
4 Unity
Working together for public interest. “Together is Power”
5 Trust
Fairness and caring about others’ needs.
6 Respect
Listen to one another and advocate for freedom from discrimination.
7 Integrity
Operate zero tolerance policy on all forms of inhumanity.
8 Innovation
Encourage, integrate, exercise and mainstream ones creativeness towards enhanced service delivery.
9 Collaboration
Nurturing mutual relationships between members and other partners.
10 Efficiency
Envisaged for quality and timely services provision.