Globally, 161 million chronically undernourished children are not getting the right nutrients and health care at the right time. In Tanzania, under-nutrition is the underlying cause of 45% of child deaths and over 70% of the reproductive women. For those who survive, there is overwhelming evidence that children grow up with bad health, poor education outcomes and that their children are more likely to be undernourished. There are also big economic costs. Studies show that under-nutrition can reduce economic output by more than ten per cent a year.

This should not be the case. There are inexpensive and effective solutions that can have impact at scale. TAMA through support of many development partners including Vitamin Angels, IMA World Health and PANITA are significantly working together to reduced stunting so that children have a better chance to survive and thrive through a Mtoto Mwerevu Program.

We work with community health workers (CHWs) and community facilitators, to start with six wards: Maruku, Karabagaine, Kemondo, Katerero, Nyakato and Kishanje in Bukoba District to emphasize on exclusive breast feeding, behavioural change on good feeding habits and promotion of water, sanitation and hygiene among the reproductive women, young girls and elders to ensure that cultural traditions do not limit our joint efforts to reduce stunting.