TAMA hosts in Tanzania the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN), a global UN endorsed Voluntary Youth Network which aims to engage its target groups through information dissemination by using existing knowledge materials on Climate-Smart Agriculture to increase the capacities of members, using media and other publication institutions to spread the news.

Tanzania is already the 10th largest youthful country in the world with 47% youth population under the age of 15. Since agriculture is the single largest source of income for Tanzanians and agricultural sector occupies more than 85% of the labor force and contributes to food security and poverty reduction, youth have the stake and role to play in the sector. However, climate change fundamentally and increasingly negatively affects agriculture in the country causing rural to urban youth migration.

Despite the youth boom is expected in the next decades and this large group doesn’t see agriculture as a profitable opportunity, but rather, regards it as subsistence farming, or a dead end, then the climate-smart agriculture is an innovative approach for youth engagement to sustainably increase productivity and resilience, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. TAMA, through CSAYN Tanzania, is dedicated to mobilize youth engagement in smart agriculture to ensure food security, climate resilience and reduce youth employment gaps in Tanzania.