TAMA hosts regional and global agricultural based platforms. TAMA is the member and host for Global Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network, Tanzania Chapter (www.csayn.org) whose vision is to ensure youth are fully engaged in climate smart agriculture to reduce unemployment gaps, enhance climate resilience and improve food security.

We are the member of Alliance for Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) (www.agrf.org) and we are is the host institution for African endorsed Ecosystems Based Adaptations for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA), Tanzania Chapter whose vision is a food secured Africa with sustainable ecosystems, ensure climate resilient and food security in Africa (www.ebafosa.org). TAMA is the member for CUTS International, Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania (PANITA), Agricultural Council in Tanzania (ACT), Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC), UN Environment, UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TAWASANET) and International Potato Centre (CIP).

Additionally, TAMA is the Kagera Regional Representative of NGOs in the National Council of NGOs (NaCoNGO).

TAMA works in close collaboration with local government authorities to ensure programs sustainability, promote policy implementation and harmonization to facilitate growth and enabling environment for agricultural investment to improve agricultural productivity, food security, human rights and environmental sustainability for a reduced poverty and mitigated impacts of climate change in the country.

Since its inception, TAMA has worked with various national, regional and international organizations across the globe.

TAMA partners include: Deloitte Tanzania, PANITA, IMA World Health, Gereed Geredschap, Libre Foundation, Centre for Development Innovation of the Wageningen University, Amplify Change, Vitamin Angels, TACAIDS, Finnish Embassy, Brooke, CUTS International, AGRA, Netherlands Embassy, US Embassy, UN FAO, UN Environment, Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank, ARCOS Small Grants Programme, MacArthur Foundation, KAY Foundation, etc to mention a few. We are proud to have worked with these noble organizations.

The achievements we made have brought desirable changes to the people of not only Kagera Region but the country at large. We strongly appreciate their continued generous support accorded to TAMA programs and interventions.